Artist Sebastian Price's Exhibition of selected works from the last couple of years. As with all good exhibitions it takes place in a prohibitively expensive and exclusive location, one that serves mostly to dissensentivise the working class from partaking in the world of art and one that greatly slows the decemination and proliferation of new ideas. “Oh but white walls create void, a context-less canvas upon which you can really understand, investigate and experience what the art really means" you say, - NONSENSE. You could fart between four white walls and get applause. Nothing is context less, there is no void but the space between your ears. Oh yes, the exhibition, right, *ahem* SO, what is more egalitarian, more prolific, more accessible than a €500 - 800 smartphone, a high speed internet connection and a safe, large open space?
“Well aside from just about any other form of art dissemination, a basic website with static imag..." Shhhh now, you'll wake the critics. This exhibition takes place everywhere, its open all day, 7 days a week, thats 24/7. Its happening right now, all around you, literally, its true, its there.
Actually now I think about it, websites and online galleries are sort of a proxy for quantum superposition, they are everywhere and nowhere, they dont exist until you load them, yet they always existed...but thats enough psuedo-science.

This is a collection my work and pieces of art, some thoughts, some doodles and some (hopefully) more articulated and well-rounded pieces of work. I decided upon the format of Augmented Reality, as for me, even with my two dimensional photograph or film works, scale, perspective, and context are important, and I see a potential in this technology to decimate art, design and thoughts in a very compelling and personal way. Please excuse my ramblings, I couldn't write a serious biography if you paid me, so this will serve as one for now.

Enjoy the show, and if you have any questions please contact the front desk at